Business plan chalkboard

Business Plans 101

by Jessica Walrack A business plan is a document that consists of the scope and strategy for the present and future of your business. There are many variations of a business plan; however there are standard elements that should be taken into consideration. Here are 8 core pieces to include: Executive Summary This section is […]


5 Tips for Success While Working from Home

Being a working adult, you have to balance family life with career life. Although I have not perfected the balance, I have gotten better at it. Many people feel that they must choose between having a career or business and having a family. It is important to know that anyone CAN have it all. It […]

Marketing and strategy

Market Yourself before Marketing Your Business

You have made the BIG decision to start your own business. Congratulations! Now what? Should you post ads and flyers hoping to get you anticipated success? While ads and flyers are great marketing tools, it may not be enough to help your business flourish. You need to market yourself, as the business owner, before marketing […]


Top 5 Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become an important marketing channel that is here to stay. Although it is still relatively new compared to the traditional print marketing, so far, it has proven to work and should not be dismissed. Social media deserves a section in your marketing plan. Here are 5 strategies to include that can help […]


Turn Your Failure into Triumph!

Being a business owner and entrepreneur can be emotional roller coaster. One minute you are up, made some sales and added a new employee to the team; then the next minute you are down, I can’t sell anything. Although we have many more failures to experience in life, we must remember failure is just a […]